Talking Sports with Tampa Bay Storm’s Grant Gregory

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By Anthony Caruso III
The Capital Sports Report Owner/Sr. Writer
Photo by Mustafa “Matt” Abdullah

Grant Gregory, the starting quarterback of the Tampa Bay Storm in the Arena Football League, recently took time to do a Q&A session with The Capital Sports Report. His interview is about his sports career and views.

TCSR: What’s it like playing in the Arena Football League?

GG: “It’s awesome. I thought I would never get to play football again. As of several weeks ago, I thought I would never get to play again. They gave me an opportunity to compete for a starting job, and now, I’m the starting quarterback.”

TCSR: Why did you say you were not sure about playing football again?

GG: “After my last year at Kansas State in 2009, I had three surgeries – my left shoulder, my right shoulder, and most recently, my right knee. Normally, if you sit out of football for a year, you miss your opportunity to play. So, I was hoping that if I got healthy, I could try out for a Canadian team. But I didn’t think I would be able to play Arena ball this soon.”

TCSR: What was it like playing for Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder?

GG: “He’s a legend. When you’re in Manhattan, Kansas, you have to take Bill Snyder Highway to Bill Snyder Stadium. That says how much he means to that area. He’s a great man, filled with integrity. I enjoyed my one-year playing there.”

TCSR: What do you think about coach Snyder returning to football these past few years?

GG: “He brought back a sense of toughness to the team. I was a one-year transfer player, so I can only talk about what I saw. He brought back a togetherness that K-State definitely needed.”

TCSR: What would you be doing if you didn’t play football?

GG: “I’m a full-time personal trainer. I still do that. I wake up at 5:15 am and train people until it comes time to go to meetings and practice.”

TCSR: How does that affect your job with the Storm?

GG: “I’m one of the lucky one’s that has another income outside of this. I’m lucky to be in my hometown playing football and my personal trainer job. My clients are understanding and supportive of me playing football. They do a great job working around my football schedule.”

TCSR: Did you always want to be a personal trainer?

GG: “No, I actually wanted to coach. After those injuries, I couldn’t get a GA (Graduate Assistant) job anywhere, so I came back to Tampa and one of my best friends is a personal trainer. He told me I should get certified, since people have always asked me for fitness advice, because I have always stayed fit with my body.”

TCSR: Why couldn’t you get a graduate assistant coaching job?

GG: “Coach Snyder wanted me to stay at K-State as a volunteer assistant, but I had other commitments back in Tampa. I thought I could have gotten a job at some other programs, but it didn’t work out. I moved back to Tampa and if something came up, it would have to be a job in Tampa.”

TCSR: Could coaching still be in your future?

GG: “Potentially. I’m very happy with what I’m doing. I couldn’t play football anywhere else. It’s an ideal situation for me.”

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