Talking Sports with former NHLer and current Trenton Titans assistant coach Todd Fedoruk

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By Anthony Caruso III
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Todd Fedoruk, a former NHL player and current Trenton Titans assistant coach, recently took time to do an interview with The Capital Sports Report. His interview is about his ice hockey career.

Todd Fedoruk (Getty Images)

TCSR: You played for many teams in your career when you did play from 1999 to 2010. Could you talk about your experience?

TF: “I had a great experience playing in the NHL. I am forever grateful that the Philadelphia Flyers drafted me in 1997. They are a tremendous organization and I feel like they are the best organization in the league. I played the most years of my career with the Flyers, before eventually moving on to other teams, but I have been drown back to the area. After the lockout, I was on several teams; however, I was not able to hang on with them for the long-term, as the game changed and enforcers are no longer needed in this speed game.”

TCSR: You are an assistant coach with the Trenton Titans. Why did you decide to go into coaching?

TF: “Well, it is all that I know. I know I love hockey and I have a lot to give back to the game. The role I played in hockey is now a receding style, as there is not much of them in the game anymore. I have a lot of knowledge of the game, and I want to pass it on to the future NHLers.”

TCSR: Why do you think there are not many enforcers in the game anymore? As a result, there are a lot less fighting in games throughout the league.

TF: “I think the game has evolved to a fast-paced game.. The role player-type guys normally can’t skate as fast as the younger guys. The athlete is a bit smaller now and more compact. The speed of the game makes people value the four-line system. The rules stray away from fighting, and the players have to have respect for each other now, which they may not have had in the past. For the guys that don’t, they get a fine and maybe a suspension from Brendan Shanahan from the NHL league office.”

TCSR: Do you think down the road, the game will change back?

TF: “Well, I think it will always be apart of the game. When the balance of respect is lost, players use fighting to get back. These guys have been bread to win and hate failure. When you get that involved with the emotions of the game, it spills over sometimes and fights happen. You are going to see less and less of that with roles being filled by certain players. ”

TCSR: You were teammates with several of the former Flyers (Mike Richards, Simon Gagne, Jeff Carter, and Justin Williams) that won the Stanley Cup with the Los Angeles Kings in June. What did you think win they won it all?

TF: “Any time you play with players, especially the one’s that I’ve played with, I hold them close to my heart. It was good to see those guys win, but if you look at the history of the Flyers and the people that run the team, they always end up winning. I look at it this way: If they were brought up here and taught how to play by the Philadelphia organization, it is a testament to what the Flyers do with their organization when players leave and you are still successful. ”

TCSR: Do you see yourself returning to the Flyers organization in some capacity in the future since the team likes to keep former players around in the front office or as team ambassadors?

TF: “As an assistant coach, you never know where the road will take you.. Obviously, it is a good experience to be around the game. Whatever I can do to help and develop the players is what I inspire to do.”

TCSR: Do you aspire to be a head coach, or you will be happy to stay an assistant coach for the rest of your coaching career?

TF: “I don’t know if I’ll be a head coach, but I would be interested in some type of developmental role with younger players. I think that’s where I can help out the most. Things change over time, so eventually if I stay with it, I may get the opportunity to be a head coach or general manager. I would like to stay with it, and get as much experience as I can.”

TCSR: Do you have any sons? If so, would you want them to play ice hockey, or another sport?

TF: “No, I wouldn’t want him to play ice hockey, but I think I should get him involved with all the family ties here in the Philadelphia area. My boy is into soccer and video games right now. He’s too young for hockey, but I’m sure he’ll get the itch to play soon.”

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