Braves re-sign Snitker, Anthopoulos

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

The Atlanta Braves have re-signed manager Brian Snitker. In addition, the team has re-signed general manager Alex Anthopoulos.

Snitker is now signed through the 2021 season. However, Anthopoulos is now signed through the 2024 season.

Baseball (Photo by Pixabay)

With the extensions, Snitker is now signed for two more seasons. Anthopoulos is now signed for the next five seasons.

“I am very pleased that Alex will be leading the Atlanta Braves’ baseball operations for years to come,” chairman Terry McGuirk said in a statement. “Since he joined the organization, Alex has continued the winning tradition that Braves fans have come to expect.”

Anthopoulos has been with the Braves since November 2017 when he was named their Executive Vice President and General Manager. Snitker took over on an interim basis in May 2016 as the team’s manager.

He was then named the team’s permanent manager in October 2016. Since taking over, he has guided the team to back-to-back National League East titles.

“Winning consecutive division titles illustrates the leadership and impact of Brian and his staff,” Anthopoulos said in a statement. “We are happy to know they will be leading the Braves through the 2021 season.”

Snitker as the Braves manager is 318-292 during the regular season. But in the postseason, he has a 3-6 mark.

His best season as manager came during the 2019 season when he guided the Braves to a 97-65 record.

Two of his seasons as manager, the team has won 90 or more games. Both of those seasons came in the last two seasons, as they went 90-72 in 2018.

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