Man arrested for threatening to blow up Darlington Raceway

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

NASCAR is returning on Sunday at Darlington Raceway in Darlington, S.C. But before NASCAR returns, a man was arrested for allegedly trying to blow up the track.

According to ABC 15 News, Michael Donovan Avin — who lives in Darlington, S.C. — has been arrested for making threats of mad destruction. He left a threading voicemail for a phone line at the facility on April 27th.

Handcuffs (Photo by Pixabay)

He was caught making a threat to another business in Darlington. In the threat, he allegedly had 125 tons of bomb-making materials.

Since his arrest, Avin has been at the W. Glenn Campbell Detention Center. He has been charged with possession, threatened or attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction for act of terrorism, not resulting in death. At this time, he has not had a bond hearing.

NASCAR is returning in South Carolina in Sunday after no racing for the last two months. Their last race was a Cup Series event in Phoenix in early March.

From March until now, the sport has been shut down due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

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