Barry Bonds hits historic home run in San Francisco

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds has become the all-time home run king. However, his record should have an asterisk, because of his long-time tie to steroids.

He hit his 756-career home run over right-center field on Tuesday night. With his long ball, he was able to surpass Hank Aaron’s storied record in the fifth inning off of a 3-2 pitch from Washington Nationals pitcher Mike Bacsik.

Barry Bonds (Getty Images)

Barry Bonds (Getty Images)

Just three days earlier, he was able to tie Aaron’s record with a home run against the San Diego Padres to left-center field.

Neither Bug Selig or Aaron were in attendance as Bonds broke the record. However, Selig was in San Diego when Bonds tied the record against the San Diego Padres.

He broke the record at AT&T Park, where he was in front of his loyal home crowd. If he had done this on the road, there would be more criticism of the aging star. All of the fans, who have gotten on Bonds, is because that he’s denied taking performance-enhancing drugs.

Yet, there’s good evidence that he did cheat. However, it came at a time when everybody cheated, it seemed like.

There’s already speculation as to if Bonds is the true home run king. Some would say that Aaron deserves that title; however, others believe that it belongs to Babe Ruth.

“It’s all about history. Pretty soon, someone will come along and pass him,” Willie Mays, Giants legend, and Bonds’ godfather, said before the game.

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