Get to know New Jersey Wildcats’ Allie D’Amico

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Allie D’Amico, recently took time to do a Q&A session with The Capital Sports Report. Her interview is about her playing career.

The Capital Sports Report: On playing soccer at Red Bank Catholic High School

Allie D’Amico: “It was great! I loved all the girls and I felt like the soccer experience was everything that I could ask for really. Between the coaches and the girls and the team we had, it was great!”

Soccer (Photo by

TCSR: On what it was like being State Champions during her junior and senior years

AD: “That was great, too. There was no other way that I would have liked to gone out. It was really a team effort both years and I really couldn’t have asked for anything more than 2 State Championships two years in a row.”

TCSR: On what it meant to her to be the Monmouth County Player of the Year in soccer

AD: “I was honored. There was so many good players that year on a lot of those teams that could have been honored. But it was great that I was honored. I appreciated it, because there’s so many great girls out there in that region.”

TCSR: On her experience playing basketball at Red Bank Catholic High School

AD: “Basketball was also another experience that I would never forget. I came in as really a soccer player and I left with a really good choice to have the choice of playing either soccer or basketball in college. And I felt like basketball was a closer family, because we were always on the court together. That was also something that made me appreciate the school I went to, along with the people I got to play with.”

TCSR: On her basketball winning the State Championship in 2004

AD: “That was great! I had already committed to Delaware to play soccer at the time, so a lot of people didn’t think I was going to play basketball my senior year. But I did think about it a little bit and maybe resting the whole season, but at the end of the season when we’ve won the State Championship, it was unlike anything I’ve ever felt. I was so happy that I did play, because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to play basketball anymore. It was an awesome way to end my career.”

TCSR: On why she choose to go to Delaware

AD: “Well, I went on a lot of visits to some other schools. And I choose Delaware, because I wanted to go to a big school that was close enough to home in case I needed to come home for an emergency. I fell in love with the school campus and I felt like I could fit in with the girls there on the soccer there.”

TCSR: On being named to the CAA All-Rookie team freshman year in 2004

AD: “That was really cool. I really didn’t expect that and especially in a Conference so well-rounded and staffed with so many great talented players. I just really hoped that I could contribute in any way that I can, so I was surprised about that. It was pretty cool.”

TCSR: On being named to the Delaware Blue Hens Adidas Classic All-Tournament team in 2006

AD: “That was fun. It was a good tournament and being apart of that All-Tournament team was good. In the tournament, it’s not about one game, because there’s so many games. It was a good experience, too.”

TCSR: On her injury just 3 games into her 2007 season resulted in her missing the rest of the season

AD: “That happened at the end of my junior year, so by the time it was time to come back from my senior year, I really wasn’t strong enough. I could tell and feel it; I knew something wasn’t right. I got through pre-season fine, then once it was time to practice every day for 2.5 hours, my knee started to feel weak. I didn’t want to struggle all year, so I knew if I rested and red-shirted for the rest of the season, I would have another year to play.”

TCSR: On returning from her injury in 2008

AD: “Well, it definitely took a lot of patience. I had to watch a lot of things happen with the team, either playing or practicing, when I couldn’t participate. But this was what I wanted to do by red-shirting and I wanted it to be the best year of my life. I didn’t want to go out there weak, so I kept it in my mind that I wanted to out with a bang.”

TCSR: On playing for the New Jersey Wildcats

AD: “It’s fun. The girls are great and the good things about teams like this is that there’s no scholarships that make players play harder than others to get playing time. All the girls on the team want to play here on their own good will, because they generally want to play. And that’s what attracted me to the team at first.”

TCSR: On if she may have any pressure playing close to home

AD: “It’s not hard at all. A lot of people are able to come out and see you play that wouldn’t normally see you play by playing close to home. I think it’s good; you’re in Jersey and I have family in Jersey and Delaware that comes out to see me play. I like playing close to home.”

TCSR: On her potential future goals outside of soccer when she has to retire from playing

AD: “That’s up in the air. When I finished at Delaware in December, I didn’t want to stop playing soccer. This is my next step to see what I wanted to do. I am a sports management major, so after this season with the Wildcats, I will try to get a job.”

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