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Talking Sports with Findley Prep’s Tristan Thompson

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By Anthony Caruso III
The Capital Sports Report Owner

Tristan Thompson, a Findley Prep Sr. and 2010 Texas recruit, recently took time to do a Q&A session with The Capital Sports Report at the 2010 PrimeTime Shootout in Trenton. He is also a 2010 McDonald’s All-American, which will take place on March 31st in Columbus, Ohio. His interview is about his sports career.

* your biggest role model outside of sports

TT: “Yeah, my parents. They taught me early on about hard work and how it pays off in the end. They wanted me to be successful very early on.”

* your favorite motto

TT: “Determination is the key to success.”

* superstitions before games

TT: “I do have a superstition, but its different than most superstitions. I have to take a shower and use the bathroom before each game.”

* how sports impacted your life

TT: “Sports has impacted my life greatly. If it wasn’t for sports, I wouldn’t be here right now. Basketball is my life.”

* what keeps you motivated in sports

TT: “I want to be the best player that I can be.”

* a failure that you experienced, which has made you a better athlete

TT: “Yeah, when we lose a game, it makes me more hungrier. [Findley Prep has only lost 1 game over the past two years]”

* going to Findley Prep

TT: “Academics is the key to our school. We have a lot of advisers that help our great student body. In order to go to school to play sports, you have to be good at academics. We have a lot of A and B students at Findley. It makes you want to work harder.”

* selecting basketball to pay

TT: “I’m 6’10, so there’s not many other sports I could play other than basketball.”

* when he started to play basketball

TT: “I started to play basketball when I was 4-years-old.”

* your favorite player

TT: “Kevin Garnett, because he’s always working hard. Many people thought he wouldn’t win a championship, but his hard work paid off.”* any special meaning to your jersey number [12]TT: “Not really.”

* why did you choose Texas

TT: “That’s a great school. It feels like home away from home for me. That’s why I chose that school.”

* playing for head coach Rick Barns next year

TT: “It’s going to be an honor. He’s a very good head coach. He’s up there with the Calipari’s [John Calipari], the Calhoun’s [Jim Calhoun], the Knight’s [Bob Knight], the Pitino’s [Rick Pitino], etc. He’s somebody that I just want to learn from, which will only make be better.”

* players leaving Texas early for the NBA

TT: “I don’t set my sights on things like that. I’m going to go there and be the best athlete I can be. If that opportunity arises, then we’ll see about it.”

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