Talking Sports with Felician College’s Phil Messerian

By Anthony Caruso III
The Capital Sports Report Owner/Staff Writer
Phil Messerian, a Felician College Sr. baseball player, recently took time to do a Q&A session with The Capital Sports Report. His interview is about his sports career and views.

  • your biggest role model outside of sports

PM: “My Father is, because he taught me that nothing in life is easy and you have to work to get what you want.”

  • favorite motto

PM: “Go big or go home”

  • superstitions before games

PM: “Whatever worked in the game that I did good in, I would try and repeat the same thing. Example: same cleats, same drive, wear my wristbands the same way”

  • impact sports has had in your life

PM: “Baseball and sports in general has made life more fun and interesting. It has also kept me in better condition than I would be if I never played, and something to love”

  • what keeps you motivated in sports

PM: “In baseball, I believe, is my love and passion for the game that keeps me motivated. And the possibility of being great.”

  • a failure that you experienced which has made you a better athlete today

PM: “Last year, I thought I was great and nothing could stop me until I got beat really bad, which made me realize I wasn’t that good and made me not get too happy or too mad.. Never be satisfied”

  • favorite sports movie

PM: “Major League back to the minors”

  • your overall experience, both academically and athletically, at your high school

PM: “High school was fun for athletics and baseball. Academically was good, I studied and applied myself, which is something I lost coming to college. Baseball in high school was good, because I was able to play on varsity as a sophomore and had fun overall.”

  • your overall experience, both academically and athletically, at your college

PM: “I came into college with high expectations, both academically and athletically. I achieved my athletic goals early, but never was able to achieve my academic goals, because I never truly applied myself”

  • why did you choose your college

PM: “I chose Felician last year after playing against them for 3 years and thought it would be great to come play here.”

  • why did you selected your sport

PM: “I chose baseball at 7 years old when I picked up a baseball for the first time”

  • when did you started to play your sport

PM: “I started playing at 7 with all my friends and teammates”

  • favorite athlete of all-time in your sports

PM: “Ken Griffey Jr.”

  • a sport you wish you were great at [others than the one’s you competed in]

PM: “Football, because I love playing it with friends, but never did it on a recreation team ”

  • favorite college team

PM: “Don’t really have a college team, but I would say Florida State.”

  • favorite pro team

PM: “New York Mets.”

  • favorite athlete outside your sport that you like to support or watch

PM: “Kobe Bryant.”

  • what should others know about you that most don’t [fun fact]

PM: “No real fun fact…. I broke my nose my sophomore year playing football”

  • future goals after college

PM: “Hopefully, the next level of baseball”©™Copyright 2010. All rights are reserved to The Capital Sports Report. This material may not be re-published, or re-written in any way. Breaking the copyright agreement could result in legal action.In the event that an infringement is discovered, you will be notified and invoiced 3 times the industry standard for unauthorized usage and/or prosecuted for Copyright Infringement in U S Federal Court, where you will be subject to a fine of up to $30,000 to $150,000 statutory damages, as well as our court costs and attorney’s fees.

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