Forsberg still hasn’t made his decision on a comeback

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Peter Forsberg still hasn’t made his decision. He was expected to decide today whether he would be signing with the Colorado Avalanche or not.

But there are no clear signs that will be happening for the time being. Forsberg has been practicing with the Avs without an official contract for the past week.

Hockey Puck
Hockey Puck (Photo by

Forsberg hopes to make a return to the NHL this season. He has been affected by previous injuries that have hampered his practice time.

“If I had to make a decision today, it wouldn’t be that positive, because (the pace of play) was quick,” Forsberg said in a somewhat joking manner to the Denver Post. “I’ve just got to keep skating for the next couple of days and then make a decision very quick. It’s hard to make a decision after just three (full) practices. I’ve got to keep on skating.”

He last played in nearly a full NHL season with the Philadelphia Flyers and the Nashville Predators during the 2006-07 season. In 17 games with the Predators, he had two goals and 13 assists for 15 points. He also had a %+/- and 16 PIM. 

When he played for the Flyers, he had 11 goals and 29 assists for 40 points in 40 games. He also had 2 +/- and 72 PIM. 

If he does sign with the Avalanche, he last played for the team during the 2007-09 season. He appeared in nine games with the team during that season.

When he played in those nine games, he had one goal and 13 assists for 14 points. He also had a 7 +/- and 8 PIM.

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