Talking Sports with new Philadelphia Soul’s Mike Hohensee

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher 

Mike Hohensee, the new head coach of the Philadelphia Soul in the Arena Football League, recently took time to do a Question and Answer session with The Capital Sports Report. His interview is about his sports career and views.

TCSR: going to Mount St. Antonio College

MH: “Mount St. Antonio College was a JUCO school, and I went there, because I didn’t do well enough on my grades in high school. I had a great experience there. I was a JUCO All-American, which gave me the opportunity to be seen by Minnesota.”


TCSR: going to the University of Minnesota

MH: “I went to the University of Minnesota. I was 7th on the depth chart when I got there. Before the game against Purdue University, I was listening to the radio and I found out I was going to be starting the season as the starter. I had a good career there and set some school records. That’s really where I fell in love with the Midwest. I was even voted into their Hall of Fame. It was a fantastic time for me.”

TCSR: playing for the USFL’s Washington Federals

MH: “I had a blast playing in that league. There was a ton of talent that went to that league – Jim Kelly, Herschel Walker to just name a few. I think it was only around for 3-4 years. I had some fun in it, then moved on.”

TCSR: playing in the Canadian Football League with the Ottawa Rough Riders and the Toronto Argonauts

MH: “After the USFL, I played a year and a half up there. I played for a couple of teams in that league. I met some wonderful people, and then came back to the States once I got released. I thought I had retired from football, and then the Arena Football League came about in 1987.”

TCSR: what drew you to the Arena Football League with the Pittsburgh Gladiators?

MH: “My head coach from the USFL, Ray Jauch, was apart of it. He had called me, because I had stopped playing and was working with Coca-Cola as a Sales Representative in Maryland. That’s when he asked me if I wanted to play some Arena ball. I had no idea what he was talking about, and then I went out for an open tryout. I did a good job at the tryout, and then I made it out to their camp, and then made it on the team.”

TCSR: being a replacement player in the NFL and if the NFL might have to use them again

MH: “I don’t know what their plan of attack will be. I think they will go on strike early in hopes of getting it resolved quickly. (The NFL is currently in a lockout). Those decisions are really not for me to worry about.”

TCSR: thoughts on the new Pittsburgh Power team after playing for the Pittsburgh Gladiators in the first year of the league

MH: “The game has changed a little bit. I think the talent is so much deeper than when I played. I think the quarterbacks today are better than I was. Also, the ownership groups are much stronger.”

TCSR: throwing the first touchdown in Arena Football League history

MH: “It meant nothing to me, then but it means a lot now. It was just 6 points back then, but now it’s a trivia question. It was due to scheduling, more than anything, that I was the first guy to throw the first touchdown pass.”

TCSR: coaching the Chicago Rush from 2001-2008 and again in 2010

MH: “It was the best time of my coaching career. I had a great time, and I was involved with some incredible human beings that made my craft worth coming to work every day. I miss those times, but we’re trying to create those times here in Philadelphia.”

TCSR: getting your 100th career win with the Rush against the Las Vegas Gladiators

MH: “I do. It was a blowout to be honest. We were struggling at the time, but it was a big win for us.”

TCSR: being the head coach of the Peoria Pilotes in the AF2 (arenafootball2) in 2009

MH: “They had called me and asked me if I wanted to coach their team after they let their coach go mid-way through the season. I was hoping that the AFL was going to return the following year, so it allowed me to keep myself sharp as a coach.”

TCSR: the transition from coaching the Rush, then resigning from the Rush in August 2010, before being hired by the Soul in September 2010

MH: “I think it was a smooth transition. I left my family in Chicago – my wife and two kids – and I think its for a good reason. We’re coming here to Philadelphia, where I think the organization is serious about doing the right things for the players and also helping the league build itself back up from what it previously was. I’m hoping they will keep me apart of it as long as they do.”

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