Talking Sports with Philadelphia Soul’s Mike Brown

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Mike Brown, a defensive back with the Philadelphia Soul, recently took time to do a Question and Answer session with The Capital Sports Report. His interview is about his sports career and views.

TCSR: Why did you choose to attend Montgomery County Community College?

MB: “I’m from Maryland and it was 15 minutes from my house. I was a small guy coming out of high school, and the coaches were telling me that I could go to a Division II or a Division III, but I would tell them that I thought I was better than that. I told them that I would really like to go to a Division I school. Coach Hohensee — I didn’t know him then — actually coached there, so I went there to MC then got a full ride to Charleston Southern, so my plan worked.”


TCSR: What was it like playing at Charleston Southern?

MB: “It was different. It was really hard playing at 1:30 in the afternoon in the heat, but it was cool. It was a good experience.”

TCSR: What was the biggest adjustment you had to make from playing college football with Charleston Southern to playing Arena Football with the Swamp Foxes of Charleston?

MB: “It was different making the change. The very first play I was in, they threw a pass to my man, who caught it and fell down. I stopped, because in college, when you touch the ground, you are automatically down. But he got up and started to run again, so I had to act quickly and try to stop him. He almost scored a touchdown on that play. I stopped him on the 1-yard line, so that was a big difference.”

TCSR: What was it like playing for the Orlando Predators?

MB: “The experience and the talent level was just that, a difference in competition. It was a great experience playing for Jay Gruden and learning the game from him.”

TCSR: How do you think he will do as the new Cincinnati Bengals Offensive Coordinator?

MB: “I think he’s going to do great! I think the Bengals are going to have the No. 1 offense in the league.”

TCSR: What was it playing for the Philadelphia Soul the first time around?

MB: “Playing for Brett Munsey was a great experience. It was one of the best experiences that I had in football. Philadelphia accepted us as a family and I’m hoping it will happen again. I’m from Maryland, but Philadelphia definitely feels like my home.”

TCSR: Why did you sit out and not play in another Indoor Football League when there was no Arena Football League in 2009?

MB: “I had to put food on the table for my family. I had just gotten married the year before in 2008, so I had to work to pay the bills.”

TCSR: What was it like playing for the Oklahoma City Yard Dawgz in 2010?

MB: “It was a tough season. I learned a lot of things – both good and bad – and that’s all I’ll say about that.”

TCSR: What were your thoughts on signing with the San Jose SaberCats, but then getting traded back to the Philadelphia Soul during training camp?

MB: “It’s something that I can’t get too much into, but it wasn’t meant to be out there. I’m here now, because God has made that plan for me. I’m going to live it to the fullest.”

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