Talking Sports with Philadelphia Soul’s Larry Brackins

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Larry Brackins, a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Soul and a member of the 2008 Soul ArenaBowl Championship team, recently took time to do a Q&A session with The Capital Sports Report. His interview is about his sports career and views.

TCSR: Could you talk about why you choose to attend Pearl River Community College?

LB: “It was a junior college that was a nice school. I won a championship there. I had fun there.”


TCSR: What did you learn from attending training camp with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

LB: “I was young, but it helped me grow. It helped me to be a professional. It showed me what being a professional was all about.”

TCSR: Could you talk about playing for former Soul head coach Brett Munsey?

LB: “Brett Munsey was an excellent guy. He was an excellent coach. I loved playing for him. I won a championship while playing for him. He got everybody ready to play. I really enjoyed playing for him.”

TCSR: What did winning that championship mean to you guys?

LB: “It means a lot to me. It meant even more winning a championship for the City of Philadelphia. We were the first team to bring a championship back to Philadelphia in so many years. Then, the Phillies did it after us. It felt very good to get the first championship.”

TCSR: Could you talk about playing for the Dallas Vigilantes?

LB: “For me going to Dallas, it was OK. It wasn’t one of my best experiences. I didn’t like it down there. I was really happy that Philly came back, so I could come back up here.”

TCSR: Is the heated-rivalry between Philadelphia and Dallas as bad in the Arena Football League as it is in the NFL?

LB: “I think it’s even worse in Arena Football. I think it’s worse, because the field is so small and the fans are so close to the field. The teams are also so close together on the sidelines, so basically, it’s an all-out war out there.”

TCSR: What are your thoughts on playing for new Soul head coach Mike Hohensee?

LB: “Coach Hohensee, he’s a good coach. I always played against him, so it’s a little weird being coached by him now. When I played against him, he’s always had his teams ready to play. I’m looking forward to playing for him this season. He’s a really good guy. I think we’ll be a good team this year.”

TCSR: What are the differences going from Tony Graziani and Matt D’Orazio with the Championship to Justin Allgood and Ryan Vena now?

LB: “We have a good group of receivers, so all Justin and Ryan have to do is throw us the ball. There’s not really a difference in the quarterbacks, because pretty much the game is the same. I think we won’t miss a beat with Allgood as the starter and Vena as the back up.”

TCSR: Could you talk about being in the same wide receiver core with Donovan Morgan?

LB: “I’ve known Donovan for several years. He’s a pretty good wide receiver. I can help him out, and he could help me out with a lot of things. We’re going to be a tandem to miss with this year.”

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