Soul QB situation needs to be fix before opener

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Ryan Vena made the start against the Orlando Predators Saturday night. It was his first start of the season, after serving as the back up for the three previous games.

Vena was keeping the Soul in the game until he made two mistakes. After a Predators touchdown late in the fourth quarter, the Soul received the ball back. Vena then threw an incomplete pass. The following play, Vena threw a touchdown to Donovan Morgan.


After the touchdown, Coach Mike Hohensee decided to go for a two-point conversation. Vena threw a pass that was incomplete to Larry Brackins on the two-point conversation play.

“We continue to make the same mistakes and turn the ball over,” said Soul head coach Mike Hohensee. “You are not going to win the close games when you continue to give the other team the opportunity to come back.”

The touchdown pass left too much time on the clock. The Predators would go down the field and score another touchdown to win the game.

The two mistakes by Vena will likely cause another switch at quarterback for next weekend’s home opener. Justin Allgood, the starter for the first three games, will probably be the starter, with Vena going back to the back up.

That decision has yet to be made by coach Hohensee. But he’s likely to re-evaluate things in the coming days.

Allgood went 56-for-93 for 752 passing yards. He has 11 touchdowns, but 5 interceptions for a 103.0 quarterback rating. He beat the Pittsburgh Power in the first game of the season, and then lost to the Chicago Rush and the Milwaukee Mustangs.

Vena went 16-for-26 for 263 yards against the Predators. He also threw four touchdowns and two interceptions. Vena has also went 4-for-7 for 61 yards and an interception prior to his first start.

The Soul were supposed to have their quarterback position squared away at the beginning of the season. But they better get their act together soon in order for the team to start winning again.

Coming into the game with the Predators, the Soul were 17th overall with passing offense. They had 791 passing yards coming into the game, but Vena added 263 yards to that stat.

In contrast, the Soul were giving up the second-best offensive passing mark. They gave up 744 yards coming into the game with the Predators. Nick Hill went 28-for-40 for 309 yards and six touchdowns.

The Soul are currently second to last in the league in yards per game. They are only averaging 205.5 yards per game.

The Dallas Vigilantes are last in the league. They are averaging 183.3 yards per game. Both head coaches for Dallas and Philadelphia are in their first-years with the team.

The Vigilantes are the worst team in the league with 147.7 passing yards per game. But they are 2-1 on the season.

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