Talking Sports with Philadelphia Soul’s Ryan Vena

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

Ryan Vena, a quarterback with the Philadelphia Soul in the Arena Football League, recently took time to do a Q&A session with The Capital Sports Report. His interview is about his sports career and views.

TCSR: Could you talk about why you chose to attend Colgate?

RV: “It’s an amazing academic school. I wanted to get a great education, while playing football.”


TCSR: Could you talk about being Colgate’s 3-time MVP of the time while you were there?

RV: “We has a great team the four years that I was there. It was more of a team award than personal award.”

TCSR: Could you talk about being inducted into the Colgate Hall of Fame?

RV: “An awesome reward to get. God has blessed me with an ability, and I’m honored to be in the Hall with so many great players.”

TCSR: Could you talk about playing Arena Football with 5 different teams?

RV: “Every where that I’ve gone, it’s been great! Arena Football is a great league with great fans.”

TCSR: What did it mean to you to be the 2007 Offensive Player of the Year?

RV: “We had a great team with Wilkes-Barre (Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Pioneers). We fell short of winning the championship, but I would have liked to win the game than being named MVP.”

TCSR: Why did you chose to sign with the Philadelphia Soul as a free agent?

RV: “Coach (Mike) Hohensee is a great coach and I wanted to play for him. The Soul are a great organization with passionate fans. Philadelphia is very passionate about their sports teams.”


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