QB Nate Davis released by the Indianapolis Colts

Nate Davis was once a good college football player. But being a good college football player doesn’t mean that you’ll translate to the NFL.

That’s the case with former Ball State quarterback Davis. He’s been released by the Indianapolis Colts.

He was just 3-of-7 for 36 yards during limited action in the team’s last preseason game. They lost 33-10 to the St. Louis Rams.

He’s been a bust since being a fifth-round pick by the San Francisco 49ers in 2009. With the Colts releasing him, it’s going to be hard for him to at least get another shot to prove himself in the NFL.

The three teams — 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, Colts — that he’s been with hasn’t seen much to give him a roster spot. If he ever wants to come back to the NFL, he may have to go the route of another league and come back to the league later on – if he’s good enough in those other leagues.

Time will tell if an NFL team ever gives him another shot . There’s a lot of minor leagues out there that could give him a boost – should he want to take it.

There’s a lot of success stories of people failing at their first NFL tenure and catching on later on because they work on their craft to make it happen. Right now, it doesn’t appear like Davis wants to work on his craft.

If he wants, he could be the next Kurt Warner, who went to the Arena Football League, before signing with Dick Vermeil’s led St. Louis Rams. After Trent Green went down, Warner led the Rams to the Super Bowl Championship.

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