The NBA and the National Basketball Players Association are the biggest Turkey’s of this year

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

While many of us were giving thanks and spending the day with our families, I can agree that there’s one sport that deserves no respect right now. In fact, much of the nation could care less about basketball right now.

The on-going NBA lockout has caused fans to look elsewhere for entertainment. Fans would rather watch hockey, college football, or college basketball right now.

On Thanksgiving, the NBA deserves no thanks. Some are going to argue that they are the biggest Turkey’s this year.

NBA Commissioner David Stern (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, File)

Right when things were going good for the NBA, money had to ruin things. For months, they have been fighting over money issues.

The owners want a new season to start in earnest. Yet, the National Basketball Players Association has tried to derail all potential deals over the past several months.

Games have already been wasted over millions of dollars. This is millions of dollars that the general public will never make in their lifetime, especially now with the bad economic times.

NBA players are not only affecting themselves. They are also affecting the people that work at arena’s all over the country that are out of work, too.

Yet, the players could care less about these individuals. They are only looking out for themselves, even when the arena employees have to feed their families and pay their bills on a regular basis.

If these two sides can agree to a new deal, people working at the arenas will never see a penny from the players. Supposedly, there’s a chance that some of these arena employees will be back for Christmas – that’s the hope anyway.

Both sides had a secret meeting on Tuesday to try to resolve their differences. But nothing was resolved.

Now, when many people are shopping for Christmas gifts on Black Friday, both sides will meet again. They will attempt to take the black cloud away from the sport that has been drastically affected by the lockout.

The NBA doesn’t want to be the next American sport to cancel the entire season. This is not even the longest lockout in NBA history.

While it is the fourth work stoppage in league history, it is the second-longest currently. The 1998-1999 lockout lasted from July 1st, 1998 to January 20th, 1999 and resulted in only a 50-game season.

In the past eleven years, there have been two lockouts that cost a sport the entire season. In 2004, the NHL could not agree to a new collective bargaining agreement and is still trying to recover from the hit of missing that season.

A few years ago, the Arena Football League, which has a lesser stature than the NHL, lost its season over various reasons.

The league officials said, at the time, it canceled the 2009 season to seek to mold “a better business model in tough economic times” instead of calling it a lockout.

In two years since the cancellation of the season, teams are still affected. The cancellation lockout has seen less people come to games, as the arenas are emptier now than the 2008 season.

The NBA hopes it is not the next to cancel the season. It is hoping for a 66-game schedule, starting on Christmas. That’s a big if, because a deal has to be reached this weekend for that to happen.

The league has always had a big influence on the Christmas setting. Plus, it has always been the traditional tipoff for the national TV schedule.

In the last NBA game, the Dallas Mavericks became the NBA Champion. They were the underdog in the NBA Finals match up against the star-studded Miami Heat.

In Game 6 of the Finals, the game had a 13.3 rating. Nearly 24 million people watched the game. In fact, it was the third most watched game in NBA on ABC history.

That is the last game we saw of the NBA. If they don’t get their act together real soon, it would be the last game we see until next season the way the two sides are going right now.

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