Talking Sports with Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III

Robert Griffin III, the Baylor University junior quarterback, took time to do an interview with The Capital Sports Report. The interview took place during the media availability prior to the Heisman Trophy announcement.

TCSR: Did you receive any advice from head coach Art Briles and the coaching staff prior to arriving in New York City?

RGIII: “Well, everybody in Baylor is pretty excited. They told me don’t forget anybody. They also want me to soak all this in. It is a big deal for Baylor to even be here with a chance to take the trophy in.”

TCSR: Do you have a guest list you are prepared to read?

RGIII: “I’m prepared with one. If I win, I will be pulling it out of my pocket. I’m going to make sure I thank everybody that needs to be thanked.”

TCSR: Could you talk about coming to Baylor as a freshman?

RGIII: “I had just stated off signing my National Letter of Intent, so he could have said whatever he wanted then. He told me that he was glad that I didn’t go to any other football camps during that summer. Some people said that I couldn’t throw the ball, but he saw it first-hand. He told me with my ability to run the ball, he was going to help develop me as a passer. He said it would be something that college football has never seen.

He also said that it would be something that the NFL has never seen. All of these things are coming true. It only comes true with hard work – and we’ve had a lot of trials and tribulations, especially my sophomore year – but we stayed focus and got back to the plan. We ended our bowl drought last year, and now, I’m on the bring of winning the Heisman. We’re close to being able to get our first 10-win season in more than 20-plus season. It’s amazing.”

TCSR: What made you re-discover the love for the game?

RGIII: “It is a process and you have to practice. Practice makes perfect, but it’s so true. The whole season while I was hurt, I wasn’t able to practice, nor was I able to go to any practice. They were making me focus on the next year. I missed out on the camaraderie with the guys. I missed that”

TCSR: What would it mean to you if you won the Heisman?

RGIII: “Words can’t describe what it would mean to give Baylor its first Heisman winner. It would mean a lot to the city of Waco and all of Central Texas. That is where I grew up.”

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