Smith has received verbal and physical threats over the Dwight Howard saga

Orlando Magic’s GM Otis Smith is in a bad situation.

Otis Smith (NBAE & Getty Images/Contributor Rocky Widner)

He cannot win right now with the Dwight Howard saga. Current rumors have suggested that Howard has rescinded his trade request.

But Smith is tired of having to answer questions about Howard and it is only January. Yet, the trade deadline is one month away and the end of the season is only a few months away.

Howard has the opportunity to leave the Magic at the end of the season. He has been linked to the Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers, and New Jersey Nets in trade rumors.

Smith has also said that he has been receiving threats from the fans. Not only has it been verbal, but it has been physical, too.

“You can’t take one of these jobs, mine or Stan’s (Stan Van Gundy), and have thin skin,” said Smith. “You have to have pretty thick skin. It’s not us; it’s the people around us that’s affected the most. We signed up for it. No one put a gun to our head and told us to take it. It’s our families that are affected the most.”

Years ago, the Magic lost Shaquille O’Neal in 1996 to the Los Angeles Lakers. And it took the franchise years to recover. Some have suggested that the team has never been able to overcome his loss, even with Howard in town.


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