Soul and the IGL announce unique partnership

By Anthony Caruso III | Publisher

The Philadelphia Soul have started another unique partnership. The Soul and the Indoor Gridiron League, also known as IGL, have announced a partnership that is the first for a semi-pro indoor football league to have a direct endorsement with a professional football team.

The Indoor Gridiron League has nine teams and a 12-week season that occurs from April through July.



The IGL teams will be given an opportunity to play a game at the Wells Fargo Center after a Soul game. The IGL players will be given a VIP season ticket in addition be able to attend a private tryout directed by the Soul coaching staff after the season.

“Without semi-pro football, there would be no Arena Football League,” said AFL commissioner Jerry Kurz. “Nearly 100 percent of the players used in the original test games of Arena Football were taken from minor league teams. This is an opportunity for players that didn’t make the league’s limited roster spaces to hone their skills and continue to play football to get to the next level.”

Since they’re playing right after the Soul, the coaching staff may stay after to scout players. In the press release, the team didn’t say if they’ll do that, but there’s always the possibility.

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