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Harold Calloway’s leg amputated after shooting

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A man, who was shot after the Kentucky Wildcats won the National Championship, had to get his foot amputated. Harold Calloway was reportedly shot around 2:15 am early Tuesday morning.

He reportedly got into an argument with a man, who led to the shooting. Due to the severity of the injury, after being shot in the foot, doctors decided to remove it.

Harold Calloway, 31, reportedly remains in a hospital, according to police spokeswoman Sherelle Roberts.

He was in the streets of Lexington, Kentucky following the Wildcats 67-59 win over the Kansas Jayhawks on Monday evening. As he was celebrating, the vehicle Calloway was in stopped to talk to some girls. He reportedly stepped out of the vehicle to argue with one of them.

A person on the sidewalk then reportedly opened fire with a handgun on Calloway. No arrests have been made at this present time.

“The suspect then brandished a handgun and fired multiple rounds,” Lt. J.J. Lombardi told the Lexington Herald-Leader. “One of the rounds struck the victim in the foot, and three other rounds struck the vehicle.”

There were reportedly more than 50 people arrested. In addition, there’s were 56 fires reported, all minor, and 25 emergency medical runs, according to police officials.

Many of those that were arrested were charged with disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, and resisting arrest. Others were cited with alcohol-related offenses.

“I would like to point out that the number of arrests, compared to the number of celebrating fans…. speaks to the fact that there were only a small number of troublemakers, creating a disproportionately large number of issues,” Police Chief Ronnie Bastin said.

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