Talking Sports with Bayhawks Attacker Drew Westervelt

Drew Westervelt, an attacker for the Philadelphia Wings and the Chesapeake Bayhawks, recently took time to do an interview with The Capital Sports Report. His interview is about his lacrosse career.

TCSR: Why did you choose to attend UMBC (University of Maryland-Baltimore County)?

DW: “When I was coming out of high school, I didn’t have many options. UMBC, Drexel, and Delaware were my choices, and I went on a recruiting visit to UMBC and thought it was a good fit. I made my decision to go there, and I’m happy with my decision.”

TCSR: During your senior year, you were the 5th leading scorer in the entire country. Could you talk about that?

DW: “I didn’t expect to finish in the Top 5. I thought I got better each year in college. I don’t want to consider it a personal achievement, but more so an achievement with my teammates.”

TCSR: Could you talk about the 35 goals senior year?

DW: “I think it came with the offense and being comfortable with the guys that are around you. I think each year we got better and going to the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championships showed that.”

TCSR: Could you talk about being Brendan Mundorf‘s college and pro teammate? They are currently teammates with the Philadelphia Wings after being teammates at UMBC and the Denver Outlaws

DW: “Pretty much, we have been on the same team together for many years. It is a pleasure to be his teammate, because he’s one of my best friends. There is a comfort zone being teammates after being together for so long.”

TCSR: There are many good teams that play across within the Baltimore area. And there have been the NCAA Men’s Championship in Baltimore a few times, too. What do you think about lacrosse there?

DW: “I agree, there are a lot of good teams there. Almost always when people think of lacrosse in Baltimore, they think of Johns Hopkins. But there is Loyola (Maryland), UMBC, Towson, Mayland – I think the lacrosse in Maryland is played at a very high level. There are a great amount of high school and college lacrosse programs in the State.”

TCSR: Could you talk about being drafted by the Outlaws in the 2007 MLL Draft?

DW: “I thought it was pretty exciting, because I got to play again with Brendan (Mundorf). And I wasn’t expecting to play professionally right out of college, so it was surprising to me. I am proud that I can say that I played in Denver for five years.”

TCSR: Why did you believe you wouldn’t play professionally right away?

DW: “I wasn’t getting a ton of looks. Plus, I didn’t know how much about the leagues coming out of college until I went through the combine and the draft. I didn’t expect to be drafted fourth overall.”

TCSR: Could you talk about being drafted by the Wings in the 3rd round in 2007?

DW: “It was much of the same thing. Plus, I didn’t play indoor before, but I was open to the opportunity. Dave Huntley (former head coach) picked me up and I’ve played there ever since. I really enjoy playing indoors now.”

TCSR: Could you talk about playing in the 2009 NLL All-Star game?

DW: “It was an honor. I was selected as an injury replacement, but any time your name is called for an All-Star game, it is an honor. I was honored to be picked to play against the best players in the game. The game was in Colorado and it was a lot of fun.”

TCSR: Now, you are with the Bayhawks after playing for the Outlaws for many years. Could you talk about making the switch?

DW: “I have nothing, but good things to say about my experiences in Denver. But I needed a change in my career. In addition, I wanted to play closer to home. Plus, playing closer to home will cost me a lot less on traveling expenses. I’m really excited about that and I’m excited about being apart of the Bayhawks.”

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