Towson refutes Trevor Walker’s claims

College teams have a very strict time schedule on how many hours per week that they’re allowed to practice in season. But with that being said, the Towson Tigers Athletic Department are dealing with claims by a former player of excessive playing time.

Athletic Director Mike Waddell has refuted the player’s accusations, in which head coach Rob Ambrose exceeded the practice limit. The player also accused the school of inaccurate times with the school’s compliance department.

Trevor Walker, made the accusations to the school’s student newspaper, The Towerlight. Walker was dismissed from the school just last week and one could believe that he’s just making these claims to get back at the school.

“Earlier this fall, a former Towson University student-athlete brought to the attention of the Assistant AD (Athletic Director) for Compliance, allegations of miscalculated football practice times and his concern for the welfare of our football student-athletes,” Waddell said in a statement. “Towson University Athletics takes any allegations regarding the welfare of our student-athletes and NCAA violations very seriously.

“The Assistant AD for Compliance immediately conducted a full investigation. No improprieties regarding practice times were found and no finding indicated that the physical well-being of football student-athletes was placed in jeopardy.”

The accusations of excessive playing time was not the only claims that Walker made. He also insists that Ambrose and Matt Hachmann, the team’s defensive coordinator, were verbally mistreating to the football players.

“As a matter of departmental protocol, the language that was reportedly used between the coaches and student-athletes would not be in line with the core values of Towson University and Towson Athletics,” Waddell stated. “This is being addressed with all parties involved, coaches, staff and student- athletes.”

This season, the Tigers are 3-4, but are just 2-2 within the Colonial Athletic Association.

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