Bobcats would like to acquire Kings forward DeMarcus Cousins

By Anthony Caruso III
The Capital Sports Report
Owner/Managing Editor/Sr. Writer

The Charlotte Bobcats have been struggling this season.

Charlotte Bobcats

The team recently snapped an 18-game losing streak that lasted nearly more than a month. The Bobcats management have reportedly targeted a big man that they would like to acquire in a trade.

The Bobcats are the latest team to say they are interested in Sacramento Kings forward DeMarcus Cousins. They are in desperate need for a young star to build the franchise around, and could offer young players and draft picks to the Kings exchange for Cousins.

However, GM Geoff Petrie is not willing to trade Cousins right now.

“He’s not going anywhere,” said Petrie. “You can lay that to rest. Some of that stuff lives in its own reality.”

Cousins was suspended by the team for arguing with head coach Keith Smart before Christmas. He was reinstated by the team on Christmas Eve.

After the run-in with Smart, the team suggested that Cousins see a psychiatrist. It is not known if Cousins has seen one yet.

He has played in 25 games this season, and is averaging 16.3 points per game. He is also averaging 9.5 points and 2.5 assists per game.

If the Kings do decide to trade Cousins to the Bobcats, the Bobcats would get a starting power forward right away. He would replace Byron Mullens, who has been the starting power forward for the team.

The Bobcats currently have an 8-23 record. Last season, they had the worst record in NBA history at 7-59.

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