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Two associates ordered to testify in Mass. in relation to Aaron Hernandez’s murder case

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By Anthony Caruso III
The Capital Sports Report
Owner/Managing Editor/Sr. Writer

John Alcorn and Alexander Bradley have been ordered to testify in front of a Massachusetts grand jury.

Both men were order to testify by a Superior Court judge, because they have ties to former NFL tight end with the New England Patriots, Aaron Hernandez. Bradley, who alleges that Hernandez shot him in the eye, failed to appear on Tuesday.

Grady Jury

Grady Jury

Now, Judge Joan Alexander issued a warrant to have Bradley arrested to testify. He might be afraid to testify, as it could jeopardize his civil lawsuit against Hernandez.

Alcorn, on the other hand, is expected to appear on Thursday in front of the same grand jury that Bradley was supposed to testify in front of. Alcorn is a relative of Thaddeus Singleton III, who is a deceased man of Hernandez’s cousin Tanya Singleton.

Singleton is in trouble, as she was indicted on criminal contempt charge in regards to the Odin Lloyd murder, where Hernandez is alleged to murder him in cold blood.

Much like Alcorn and Bradley, Singleton has refused to testify in front of grand jury, as well. But then the grand jury heard evidence in the Lloyd murder case that led to a indictment against Hernandez.

She was offered immunity, but still refused to testify against her relative. Now, she is presently being held in jail without bail.

Hernandez has said that he is innocent in regards to the shooting death of Lloyd, the 27-year-old semi-football player. While he has plead not guilty, his defense team has called the case very circumstantial in the June 17th’s death that shock the sports world.

After he was arrested for the Lloyd death, police started to link Hernandez to a 2012 double homicide. While he has not been charged for these murders, he was seen with the victims hours before their death, and the gun weapon has been found in that case.

An SUV that was used in the double homicide was found at a house, where Singleton was living with her uncle in Bristol, Connecticut. While Singleton may have been driving the vehicle, it was being rented in Hernandez’s name.

A grand jury investigation has not been issued in that case, as it was in the Lloyd murder case. But it could be returned, as more evidence comes to light.

Singleton III also passed away in June, but his death has been ruled as an accident. He was driving a vehicle that slammed into a country club building that cost his life.


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