Lions offense struggles mightily in their loss to Brockport

By Anthony Caruso III
The Capital Sports Report
Owner/Managing Editor/Sr. Writer

Ewing –The College of New Jersey honored 15 Seniors before the game on Senior Day.

Many of the players that were honored played on offense. And that was the lone bright spot on offense, as the offense struggles mightily throughout the game.

TCNJ Athletics Logo

TCNJ Athletics Logo

With the struggles, the Lions lost 14-3 to the College at Brockport at Lions Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

This was their lowest scoring output of the season. And it took Brockport (5-3), who will be leaving the New Jersey Athletic Conference after the season for a new conference, to stop the Lions (4-4), who was averaging 11 points per game.

Brockport’s defense also was given an aid before the game when Lions starting quarterback Chris Spellman was not able to play in the game. He has been nursing a shoulder injury.

So, the Lions had to use Sam Paladino and freshman Craig Cicardo. Paladino started the first half, as the Lions only trailed 7-0 at halftime.

But in the second half, Lions head coach Wayne Dickens tried to spark the offense, as he rotated the quarterbacks in a version of “musical quarterbacks.” Paladino started the second half, then after his drive failed, Cicardo would come in.

Dickens did rotated the quarterbacks several times for each Lions drive.

“We can’t get consistency on offense, and you have to in order to be a solid team,” said Dickens. “That being said, there are a lot of mitigating circumstances. You can’t take the quantity of youth we have on offense and magically say now it’s going to be solid and play efficient football. That doesn’t come overnight. That doesn’t come in three months. It takes times.”

While the Lions struggled to get past midfield, even with the quarterback switches, only one drive would go into the Golden Eagles red zone in the second half.

Late in the third quarter, Cicardo would drive the Lions into Brockport’s red zone. The Lions would get to the Golden Eagles 4-yard line, before Brad Young had a 1-yard loss and Cicardo had a loss of 3 yards on back-to-back plays.

Before 4th down, the third quarter ended and the teams went into the fourth quarter. On 4th down from the 8-yard line, Dickens elected to go for a field goal instead of going for a touchdown.

Evan Costello, the Lions kicker, who has not kicked many field goals this season, converted a 25-yard field goal to make it 14-3.

“We had driven the field and needed to get some points on the board,” said Dickens. “It was going to be a two score game and at some point in time, we were going to need a field goal, so we might as well take it there, and get the reward of the points and try and get touchdowns later on.”

Brockport would score both of their touchdowns on running touchdowns. With four minutes into the third quarter, Daniel Andrews scored on a 5-yard rushing touchdown to make it 14-0.

Wayne Bosnell, the Golden Eagles quarterback, made it 7-0 at 7:32 in the second quarter on an 11-yard rushing touchdown.

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