Phillies, Orioles talk about sending Papelbon to Baltimore

By Anthony Caruso III
Posted: December 21st, 2013 at 4:30 am EST

The Philadelphia Phillies said that they would make closer Jonathan Papelbon available in a trade.

At the winter meetings, the Phillies attempted to trade Papelbon. However, no deal came through.

Jonathan Papelbon (Getty Images)

Jonathan Papelbon (Getty Images)

Now, the Phillies and the Baltimore Orioles have discussed a trade that would sent Papelbon to the Orioles. If the trade happens, Papelbon would return to the American League East, where he started his career with the Boston Red Sox.

A deal is reportedly not imminent, as the Phillies would have to eat a huge part of Papelbon’s salary for a trade to work. The Phillies have done that in the past, as nearly a decade ago they traded Jim Thome to the Chicago White Sox after eating a huge part of his salary.

Papelbon is due $39 million dollars over the next three years. And this past season, he complained that he didn’t come to Philadelphia to lose.

He was not happy with the losing that the Phillies went through. But that was the first time that the Phillies had a losing season in years.

Plus, should a deal work, he would have to wave his limited no-trade clause and approve a trade to the Orioles.

The Orioles are looking for a closer after their deal with free agent pitcher Grant Balfour fell through. Balfour failed a physical after originally signing a two-year, $15 million dollar deal with the Orioles.

In 61 games, Papelbon went 5-1 with 29 saves. He also had a 2.92 ERA with 57 strikeouts and 11 walks in 61.2 innings.

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