Blue Hens dismantled by the Pitt Panthers for the worst loss in school history

By Anthony Caruso III
Posted: August 30th, 2014 at 3:32 pm EST

The Delaware Blue Hens suffered their worst loss in school history. The Blue Hens were destroyed, 62-0, against the Pittsburgh Panthers at Heinz Field.

The Panthers were up 42-0 at halftime. Over the next two quarters, the team scored 20 points in the lop-sided win.

Delaware Blue Hens

Delaware Blue Hens

The Blue Hens only had 68 total yards on offense, while the Panthers had 503 yards. Delaware also averaged 1.4 yards compared to the Panthers 7.1 yards per play.

It is also the Blue Hens first shutout in 220 games. In addition, it is the most points that Pittsburgh ever scored at Heinz Field.

The loss was the fourth straight for Delaware, who hasn’t won a game since November 2nd when they defeated No. 7 Towson Tigers, 32-31, in Towson, Maryland.

Delaware came into the game with a 1-4 mark against FBS schools. Their last win came with a 59-52 win over Navy on October 27th, 2007. Since that time, they were 0-4 with three games against Navy and a loss to Maryland in 2008.

Much like today, the Panthers rushed their way to their Bowl win on December 26th, 2013 against Bowling Green. They had 255 rushing yards and 487 total offense in that game.

Today, they had 407 rushing yards with 7.4 yards per carry.

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