Pirates’ Shane Carden throws for the third-most yards against VaTech

By Anthony Caruso III
Posted: September 13th, 2014 at 4:40 pm EST

The East Carolina Pirates defeating the Virginia Tech Hokies, 28-21. With the win, the Pirates have the biggest upset of the day so far.

Pirates quarterback Shane Carden threw for 427 yards on the Hokies defense. It is the third most passing yards in a game at Virginia Tech.

Shane Carden (Getty Images)

Shane Carden (Getty Images)

Former Maryland quarterback Scott Milanovich threw for 498 yards in 1993 for the most all-time. Glenn Foley, a New Jersey resident and former Boston College signal caller, threw for 448 yards, also in 1993.

He is also the first Pirates quarterback to win in Blacksburg since 1991. The then 14 ranked Pirates, led by Jeff Blake, went on to win 24-17 in Blacksburg.

This is the Pirates first win in the series since 2008 when they won 27-22 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Like today, the Hokies also came into the game as the 17th ranked team in the country.

The 427 yards were the most that he thrown for this season. He had 480 yards on October 12th against Tulane in a 36-33 loss in overtime. He also threw for 447 yards in a 52-38 win over Old Dominion on August 31st.

He also had 439 yards in a 65-59 double overtime win over Marshall in November 2012.

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