Top-ranked Warhawks roll past TCNJ in 48-0 win in their first-ever trip to Ewing

By Anthony Caruso III
Posted: September 20th, 2014 at 8:24 pm EST

Ewing – The College of New Jersey knew they had a huge challenge on their hands. The game was scheduled in June to see how the Lions compared to the top-ranked team in the Division III ranks.

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater made their first-ever trip to Ewing, New Jersey this afternoon. The reigning Division III football national champions were not slowed by the 15-hour bus ride.

TCNJ rushing against the Warhawks (Photo by TCNJ Sports Information)

TCNJ rushing against the Warhawks (Photo by TCNJ Sports Information)

The Warhawks defeated the Lions, 48-0, this afternoon at Lions Stadium. It is the Lions second loss at home this season.

“Can we fix what is wrong with us? Yes,” said TCNJ head coach Wayne Dickens on his team’s performance. “When you play a team as efficient as they are and make mistakes, you get results like this. But they are a great team, we arguably played the No. 1 team in the nation and did some things well.”

The Warhawks, who are the No. 1 team in the country, improved to 3-0. The Lions dropped to 1-2, and will recuperate the travel, as they travel to Wisconsin for a game during the 2016 schedule.

With 4:20 left in the game, Warhawks freshman running back Eric Wade scored on a 1-yard trout to make it 48-0. Junior running back Dennis Moore opened up the quarter with a 3-yard rush, increasing the score to 41-0.

Junior Running Back Nick Patterson added a five-yard touchdown in the third to make it 34-0. He also had a 6-yard run to open up the game in the first quarter. Senior Ryan Givens also scored a 2-yard run to open the second quarter.

Senior Warhawks signal-caller Matt Behrendt had a 10-yard touchdown pass to Justin Howard in the first. He added a 4-yard touchdown pass to Jake Kumerow to put the team up 27-0.

Kumerow, who had 9 receptions for a 184 yards, is ranked as the No. 4 best prospect from small colleges, according to the NFL. Besides Kumerow’s big game, the nearest receiver was Marcus Hudson with three receptions for 52 yards.

“Their offense is the most experienced part of their team,” said Dickens about the Warhawks. “(Kumerow) would be on my (NFL) draft board if I were still working for one of those teams on Sunday. He always finds a way to come up with the catch when the ball is around him, and that’s what those players on Sundays do.”

The Lions had a nice first drive of the game. The college got all the way down to the 1-yard line, before Matthew Popek fumbled the ball.

“It was a nice drive down the field,” added Martin Flately. “If we had scored there, it would have been the first time that the Warhawks trailed all season. But they showed why they’re great by stopping us there.”

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