Settlemyre pranks the Flyers with a snake prank

Today is Halloween around the United States. Around the country, people are ready for this holiday, as they attempt to spook their friends, families, or even children.

Some just play pranks on each other, while others go all-out in their costumes’ to look scary.

The Philadelphia Flyers got into the Halloween spirit when the Equipment Manager Derek Settlemyre pranked many of the players. He told all of them to open a cooler, then they were all surprised.

Once the players opened the cooler, they saw a snake, before freaking out. It was a fake snake, but they all still freaked out. It is not clear when the prank took place, before it was uploaded to FlyersTV.

Thankfully for them, they won’t have to experience what’s in the cooler during practice, or even games, because there won’t be any snakes on the ice. But if they’re at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Mich. playing against the Detroit Red Wings they may have to deal with an octopus if one of the Red Wings players score a hat trick.

The team is 4-6-0 on the young season. They lost last night to the Tampa Bay Lightning, 4-3, in Tampa.

The team will return to the ice tomorrow as they travel to take on the Florida Panthers at 7 pm on TCN.

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