Schiano wants to coach again

By Anthony Caruso III

Free-agent head coach Greg Schiano would like to get back into coaching next season. He was fired by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after the 2013 season.

He is interested in both professional and collegiate coaching jobs. Schiano is reportedly using the time off to “reinvent his coaching philosophy and undergo a frank assessment of himself.”

Greg Schiano (Getty Images)

Greg Schiano (Getty Images)

With the Bucs, he was very strict with the players, including Darrelle Revis. So, this could mean that he’s trying to lighten up.

He butted heads with his veterans players. In addition, there is speculation that Schiano is the reason behind last year’s Bucs MRSA staph infection saga.

That has never been confirmed.

The former Rutgers head coach is more suited for the college game. That’s where he had the most success as a head coach.

He guided the Scarlet Knights to four-straight bowl games. He was 34-17 during the last four years, including a career-best 11-2 mark in 2006.

The first four years were not good. He went just 12-34.

As the coach of the Bucs, it was like the first four years with Rutgers. He went 11-21 with a .344 win percentage.

During his off-time, besides traveling to prepare for his next interview, he’s volunteering as a high school coach. He also has an NFL Network job, as well.

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