McGaha picks his No. 1 qualifier position at the Gatornationals

Chris McGaha maintained his No. 1 qualifier from yesterday. McGaha drove his Chevy Camaro to the top spot on Friday with a 6.507 pass.

He’ll get a bye in the first round.

“The Number one position is good,” McGaha said. “Those little points do get addicting after awhile. You can make up a round here or there. I’ve still got to win a race, I can’t lose focus here. It’s one round at a time.”

After McGaha, Jason Line qualified second with a 6.522 pass. He’ll face Alan Prusiensky in the first round.

Rodger Brogdon, who won the last race in Las Vegas, is third with a 6.526 run. He’ll face John Gaydosh Jr. in the second round.

Shane Gray is fourth with a 6.526 run. He’ll face V. Gaines in his Dodge Dart in the first round.

Rounding out the Top 5 is Greg Anderson, who qualified fifth with a 6.529 pass. He’ll face Larry Morgan in the first round.

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