Vandergriff says Larry Dixon will not race today after being in a scary crash

Bob Vandergriff, the owner of Bob Vandergriff Racing, has made a statement following Larry Dixon‘s scary crash earlier today. He’s also announced that Dixon will not be racing later today.

“He’s sore and pretty banged up,” Vandergriff said. “We’re going to take the off time between races to let him recover from the crash and also give us time to decide on which direction to go in from a race car stand point. We need to evaluate a few things and we won’t have time to do that before first round (today).”

Vandergriff Racing went to a two car team this season. However, Dixon is the most experienced driver, as Dave Connolly is just a rookie in Top Fuel.

Yet, Dixon, who saw his Casedhole Solutions dragster break in half, sending him in the air and crashing hard, before hitting the barrier.

“First off, I just want to say that I’m thankful Larry’s OK,” Vandergriff added. “BVR and C&J Energy Services are both leaders when it comes to safety in their respected fields and we take safety very seriously. We will investigate fully the cause of the crash and take whatever steps necessary in the future, in an effort to make sure it doesn’t happen again. The car in which Larry was driving had a minimal amount of runs on it in comparison to what the number we deem necessary to front halve the car due to potential fatigue.”

The team sponsor also has made a statement on the crash. Both Vandergriff and Josh Comstock, Chairman and CEO of , thanked the NHRA and the NHRA Safety Safari in getting to Dixon in quick time.

“Larry had a rough accident today, but it could’ve been much worse,” Comstock acknowledged. “Thankfully, there has been great advancement in safety through innovative technology which allowed Larry to walk away with minimal injury. We are all very thankful for that. I’m personally thankful that and are aligned with C&J Energy Services when it comes to safety. Both companies spare no expense when it comes to protecting our employees.”