Front Row teams up with Widow Wax for the 2015 season

By Anthony Caruso III
March 25th, 2015, 10:45 AM EST

Front Row Motorsports has announced a new sponsorships with Widow Wax this morning. With this new partnership, Front Row will now have paint schemes to feature products from Widow Wax.

Widow Wax, a car detailing company, will partner with Front Row Motorsports for the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup season. Widow Wax works closely with paint manufacturers and OEM suppliers to develop an advanced product in the market.

Widow Wax

Widow Wax

“We provide superior detailing products that enhance the beauty and extended life of automotive surfaces to maximize value and your driving pleasure,” company COO Justin Kuhn said. “Our partnership with Front Row allows us to test our products in the most extreme of conditions, while allowing our consumers to see first-hand the performance of our automotive consumables.”

No date has been sent on exactly when Widow Wax or its products would appear on their race cars.

“We’re excited to add Widow Wax to our partnership base for the 2015 season,” Bob Jenkins, Front Row team owner, said. “Their line-up of products is used daily in our industry and we look forward to putting them to good use.”

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