Eagles offer massive deal to the Titans for the 2nd pick

By Anthony Caruso III | The Capital Sports Report
On April 30th, 2015, 8:37 PM

The Philadelphia Eagles have reportedly offered the house to the Tennessee Titans for the second pick. While the team may not confirm this, CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora believes it is.

The Eagles reportedly offered the Titans CB Brandon Boykin, DE Fletcher Cox, LB Mychal Kendricks, two first rounders, a third rounder and more. What else Philadelphia offered to the Titans, we are not sure?

Marcus Mariota Tennessee Titans Philadelphia Eagles NFL Draft

Marcus Mariota (Getty Images)

We have known for several days that the team was willing to give up Boykin, Cox, and Kendricks in a potential trade for Marcus Mariota. However, there was no speculation that the Eagles offered Bradford in this package.

The Eagles recently picked up Cox’s fifth year option to help the Titans or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to entice them to accept a deal.

The first rounders could have been this year’s and next year’s. Yet, we cannot confirm that at this time.

The Chicago Bears also reportedly made a late push for the pick as well. However, instead of dealing away the pick, the team used the pick to select Mariota.

Philadelphia reportedly offered the Titans the most. Yet, they did not bulk at the offer, even though it may have been enticing to them.

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