If Blatt’s fired, Coach Cal is going to be a candidate

Posted: Tuesday, May 11, 2015 10:42 AM

By Anthony Caruso III Staff writer

The Cleveland Cavaliers thought that David Blatt would be the perfect head coach for their team moving forward. However, after the way this season has played out, there’s a good chance that Blatt could be without a job.

It’s so bad with the Cavaliers that Blatt has made the wrong calls for players. For example, in Game 4, he made a call for LeBron James, the team’s best player, passing the ball from out-of-bounds to his teammates.

David Blatt (Getty Images)

David Blatt (Getty Images)

James, who will be the one ultimately making the decision some would say, had to scrap that idea and told the coach to get him the ball. He would go on to hit the game-winning basket.

This play should tell everyone exactly about the first-year NBA head coach. He doesn’t belong coaching one of the best team’s in the league. Plus, he’s had problems with the team all season long, as his assistant Tyronn Lue is more favored than him.

The Cavaliers, who finished with a 53-29 record this season, have a championship or bust mentality. However, if they lose, it’s going to be strictly on the head coach.

That would cost him his job and the 55-year-old would be back on the market. Because the team was built to win now and now years from now.

They were able to get James to sign with the team last summer. Then, they were able to make a blockbuster deal to add Kevin Love, who Blatt hasn’t struggled to feature him in his system.

He would even sit Love for fourth quarters, too.

According to a source, one candidate that’s already being mentioned with the job, should it open, is Kentucky Wildcats head coach John Calipari. James and Coach Cal has a very good relationship, which is likely why he’s being a candidate.

Calipari has been primarily a college head coach. During his travels as a coach, his record is 635-178 with UMass, Memphis, and Kentucky.

This season, the Wildcats only lost one game and went 38-1. This was Coach Cal’s best season of his coaching career.

It would be worth seeing if Coach Cal would be willing to make such a move. His previous NBA stops were disastrous, but he never had a team like this when he was coaching in the association.

His NBA record is 72-112 with the New Jersey Nets from 1996 through 1999.

Should he jump back to the league, he would be the second collegiate coach to do so. A few days ago, Billy Donovan left the Florida Gators to take over the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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