Hanson living dream as pro wrestler

By Anthony Caruso III
Posted: 05/27/2015, 11:37 PM

War Beard Hanson has been in love with wrestling since he was a kid. That passion drove him to become a professional wrestler.

As a wrestler, like in any sports, it takes time for one to get their big break. Sometimes, it may never come, but for Hanson, it did have a big break very early on.

Todd Hanson Ring of Honor Wrestling Raymond Rowe

Todd Hanson and Raymond Rowe (Photo by The 7th Scribe)

Todd Smith, which is his birth name, had a match on Velocity in December 2005 on WWE against Doug Basham. Then, as Todd Hansen, he made his WWE debut against Sylvester Terkay.

“It showed me what I had to do to get back there,” he said. “It was a good experience and I wish it had worked out. But things didn’t and you have to move on.”

Nearly eight years after his last shot, he received a WWE tryout at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida in April 2014. But while he said they liked his tryout, he said they don’t like his character.

“Right now, they have several characters that look similar to what I bring to the table,” Hanson added. “The Wyatt FamilyBray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and Erick Rowan – all look similar to me. At this time, they said they were not interested, but would stay in touch with me. We’ll see if the phone rings with the WWE on the other end with a call to go back to Orlando.”

If he were to sign with WWE, he would likely start out as a member of the NXT brand. But at the current time, he has a contract with Ring of Honor, who allows him to fight with indie companies.

This season, he has a 9-4 record with two draws in ROH. He’s also fought for Chaotic Wrestling, Northeast Wrestling, Xtreme Wrestling Alliance, and Beyond Wrestling.

He last fought for ROH with Raymond Rowe, as a part of their ring tag team, “War Machine.” Hanson and Rowe went on to defeat Adam Page and Colby Corino at the NJPW/ROH Global Wars from Toronto, Canada on May 16th.

This past Saturday, he lost to Jimmy Preston at the Big Bethany Bash at Bethany Arena in Bethany, CT.

“I am signed to Ring of Honor,” he stated. “There I make good money, and I’m happy to be with them through January (2016 when his contract runs out). But like anybody else, we are able to pick up side jobs to bring in some extra income, which I do outside of ROH.”

He has a career 132-112 with 11 draws. Throughout the past 13-years, he has been both a tag team competitor and a single’s wrestler.

As an indie wrestler, he’s held the CW Heavyweight Championship three times, the PWF Unified Heavyweight Championship twice, and the PWF World-1 Heavyweight Championship once. His CW Heavyweight Championship reign lasted 369 days.

But that’s not his longest reign as a champion, as he was the CWA Tag Team Champions for 440 days.

“I’m a wrestler,” he mentioned. “I have enjoyed my time doing both, but I’ve been primarily a tag team wrestler. I’ve had some good partners in Beau Douglas, Glen Osbourne, Mike Reed, Psycho, Duchess Damon, and now Raymond.”

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