Pre-gaming before @soulfootball Boardwalk Bowl

The pre-game celebration started early for some of The Capital Sports Report personnel, Publisher Anthony Caruso, is spotted at Hooters with some of the most beautiful Hooters girls in South Jersey. We had an opportunity to sit with a very good friend of mine and the manager of Hooters, Ron Disalvo.

We had a late lunch while discussing the 50 million dollars in renovations the Tropicana Hotel and Casino has made during the past two years. From the boardwalk entrance to the front and all around the Tropicana, including the Quarter, it has all been re-done and it looks great.

“They have been very busy so far this year and it looks like people are coming back to Atlantic City,” Disaldo said.

We had a great time before the Boardwalk Bowl, featuring the Philadelphia Soul and the Las Vegas Outlaws. Our Hooters waitress, Tiffany, was extremely nice and friendly. She made sure we had our food in a timely manner, while also making sure the drinks (Water and Iced Tea) were coming, as well.

Anthony, photographer David Rickert and myself sat there a while after eating our delicious food. Two of my favorite dishes at Hooters are the steamed shrimp sprinkled in old bay with butter and wings. Now, let me tell you about the wings, they come breaded and naked with lots of different choices of sauce – one of my favorite is the Daytona Beach, naked, back on the grill – which is just my preference.

Before we left for the Boardwalk Hall, Ron had all the Hooters girls line up and take a picture with Anthony and from the smile on his face, he was having a good time. Thanks to Ron and the Hooters girls for making our pre-game to the Soul’s inaugural Boardwalk Bowl a memorial event.

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