Enders-Stevens is the Pro Stock No. 1 qualifier

Friday, June 5, 2015 9:23 AM | Written by: Anthony Caruso III

Erica Enders-Stevens is the No. 1 Pro Stock provisional qualifier with a 213.06 at 6.508 at the 46th annual Toyota NHRA Summernationals. Following her is Greg Anderson, as the Summit Racing driver went 213.43 with a 6.511.

Anderson’s teammate Jason Line also ran a 6.511, but Line went 213.37. Larry Morgan, who has been driving good since FireAde came on board, is fourth.

Erica Enders-Stevens NHRA Pro Stock Drag Racing

Erica Enders-Stevens (Photo by the NHRA)

Shane Gray is rounding out the top five with a 212.79 with a 6.521. Rookie Drew Skillman is sixth with 6.522 with 212.73. Jonathan Gray had a 212. 212.83 at 6.529.

Allen Johnson, who is celebrating his 20th year racing with his father Roy, is currently eigth. He had a 212.46 at 6.534.

Chris McGaha is ninth at 212.86 with a 6.547. Rounding out the top ten is Vincent Nobile, who had a 212.66 and a 6.550.

Bo Butner, who is also a rookie, had a 211.23 at 6.551 and is 11th. Kenny Delco is 12th and is currently at the cut off with a 210.44 at 6.599.

Alan Prusiensky, V Gaines, Randy Peters, and Val Smeland are currently out of the field.

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