Lee could be dealt to the Nets for Lopez

Sunday, June 14, 2015, 11:42 AM | Written by: Anthony Caruso III, Publisher

Golden State Warriors forward David Lee has been able to get back in their rotation during the NBA Finals. However, for months, he lost his starting position to Draymond Green.

While the NBA Finals is tied at 2 games each, Lee’s games in a Warriors jersey is numbered. According to the USA Today Sports this morning, he was almost traded at the trade deadline.

David Lee Golden State Warriors NBA Player Basketball

David Lee (Getty Images)

The team will hope to deal Lee in the summer time, as they look to free up cap space to re-sign Green. The Philadelphia 76ers are reportedly already interested in signing Green.

Green has made less than a million dollars this season. However, he’s looking at a huge pay day in the coming months.

Lee is the only piece of the puzzle that the team would be willing to give up on, especially with his huge contract. He made $15 million this season, and is expected to make $15.4 million next year in the final year of his contract.

The former New York Knicks star could go back to the Big Apple in a proposed deal involving the Brooklyn Nets. Lee would head back to the East Coast, along with guard Brandon Rush, for Brook Lopez.

Lopez has been rumored to be traded by the Nets for a long time. In fact, his name has been talked about in traded for at least the past two years.

The deal would work under the NBA’s CBA. Plus, it would be a trade of one bad contract for another.

Lee last played in New York during the 2009-10 season.

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