Jason Pierre-Paul seriously injured in a fireworks accident

The New York Giants could be without Jason Pierre-Paul for partial or all of this season. With training camp around the corner, Pierre-Paul was injured last night.

According to some reports, he was injured in a fireworks accident. One report said that he’s missing flesh and fingers.

If that is true, this is a very serious fireworks accident. In Maine, a 22-year-old lost his life messing around with fireworks, and there were very likely more accidents around the country, as well.

He was reportedly hosting a massive fireworks party at his South Florida home. There were even pictures on social media with a U-Haul that claimed to be filled with fireworks outside his house.

To make matters worse for him, he hasn’t signed his franchise tender for $14.8 million this season. He had been holding out for a long-term deal, but now his situation complicates things even more.

There is a report that the Giants may withdraw that offer now. But nothing has come out from the team saying they would do so, which would make the defensive end a free agent.

Last season, he had 12.5 sacks, three forced fumbles and 77 tackles.

Depends on the severity of his injury, he will have to learn how to use his hand again. When he does come back, he’ll have to wear some type of protection so he doesn’t injure it again.

He could wear a club like other players have done when they have suffered broken hands. In the mean time, the Giants are more worried about his well being instead of how he can produce on the field for them since the season in months away.

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