Massa: Covering my first Soul game at the Wells Fargo Center

Well, I’m back for another game, this time on the home field of the Philadelphia Soul. No pre-game at Hooters [in Atlantic City] this time. Before the game, we went onto the field to watch the players warm-up. The intensity in their eyes and serious in their movements on the field sure looked like this was a very important game, and it is.

Players were warming up, throwing, catching and kicking the ball and running laps to get ready before the game. This team, players, coaches, staff and of course, the cheerleaders obviously, take all their games seriously.

The Soul looks comfortable on their home field and in Philadelphia, but don’t take that as a sign of weakness. The look in their eyes and the way the team warmed up proved that they are here to play a game and here to win.

I am looking forward to watching this one from the media area way above the fans. You can get a great view of the game and can see the plays developing from up here [in the Balcony of the Wells Fargo Center].

Well, the game finally started and the fans are going crazy, they really love their Soul team here in Philly. This should be a very high scoring game with lots of action.

First quarter started with a quick score from the Soul on their first possession, as Tommy Taggart Jr. took the ball on the 5-yard line and ran it in to make it 7-0 Soul. Again, on their second possession, the Soul scored again with Marco Thomas making the catch making it 14-0 Soul. That’s two scores on both possessions, they mean business today. First quarter ends with the Soul up 14-0.

Second quarter, New Orleans VooDoo gets the ball and scores making it 14-7. The Soul was going in for a touchdown when Ryan McDaniel clearly had 6-points but was show boating a little and was hit on the 1-yard line. He was hit hard by Kwame Jordan, and well,  he didn’t like it and shoved Jordan.

Jordan then threw a punch and was hit with a personal foul, McDaniel was also hit with a penalty as well. Jordan was then ejecting from the game and the Soul then ran the ball in for 6 points.

The extra-point kick was missed, the score was now 20-7 with the Soul still were in the lead. On their next possession, the VooDoo went right down the field with 1:43 seconds left in the second quarter and scored a touchdown and also made the extra point making it 20-14. We have a football game people.

The Soul turned right around and scored another touchdown making it 27-14 at Halftime.

At halftime, Anthony and I went down to the Main Concourse to get a coffee for my tired body and came across Fran, the elevator guy. I made the mistake of asking him how his day was, he responded, “Up and down.”

I laughed, another worker was then picked up and he said which floor, she said, “Suite’, he responded, “Don’t get personal”? What a personality, Frank defiantly makes your day, I don’t care what kind of mood you’re in, he is a Suite, I mean sweet gentlemen that makes your ride on the elevator a pleasure one. Thanks Frank for the laugh and the story to tell everyone.

The third quarter started out with the VooDoo getting the ball and trying to move down the field, but the Soul would not have it stopping them on the 25-yard line to take over possession. The Soul marched right down the field and scored another touchdown on a Thomas catch in the end zone, 34-14 Soul over the VooDoo.

The Voodoo responded right back with a great kickoff return and went down the field to make it 34-21 with the Soul still in the lead, but the VooDoo is closing in. The Soul then returned a nice kickoff and went all the way into VooDoo territory.

After a couple of plays, Thomas caught another touchdown pass making it 40-21 Soul. It seems the Soul returns from the locker room after halftime always hungry and wanting to win.

I wonder what the coaches say to them during halftime, whatever it is, keep doing it. Third quarter ends with the score still 40-21, Soul in the lead.

Fourth quarter started out strong with the Soul marching down the field again scoring a nice running touchdown by Taggart making the score, 47-21 Soul. The Soul’s defense is crushing the VooDoo, not allowing them any real big plays, they are shutting them down on both the run and passing situations.

The Soul is now running away with the game with another score making it 54-21 with 6:43 left in the fourth quarter. Thomas catches another touchdown from Bryan Robinson making the score, 61-21, they are now running away with the game.

After a little rough housing by both teams and a few penalties, the VooDoo scored a touchdown with the score now 61-28. The Soul marched all the way down the field and turned it over in the end zone, VooDoo ball. The Soul finished strong taking the game 61-28 and another win closer to the ArenaBowl.

What a great game and a good time by all.

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