Tough decision looming for the Eagles, Tebow

It was Tebow Time this afternoon in South Philadelphia. But the real question is: did he do enough to make it on the Philadelphia Eagles 53-man roster?

Right now, the answer still remains, as some reporters and analysts would say no. Head coach and GM Chip Kelly would eventually have to make that tough decision.

The Eagles currently have Tim Tebow as their fourth quarterback on the depth chart. If he could somehow unseed Matt Barkley – who hasn’t doesn’t anything in his NFL career in the regular season – Tebow would be able to make his first roster in two years.

The former Florida Gator had been working on his mechanics. He did have some good moments in the win over the Indianapolis Colts; however, he also had bad ones too.

He held onto the ball too long, which led to sacks. He also put the ball on the ground – which the Eagles recovered – but Kelly was probably hating that on the inside, because you lose your job when you do those things.

This probably won’t be his final appearance with the team before the final cuts.

He went six of 12 for 69 passing yards, as he came off the bench following Mark Sanchez  getting the start. Tebow also had 15 rushing yards, including seven rushing touchdown. He had a 67.7 quarterback rating.

If he’s going back to make another NFL roster, he’s going to have to make it with the Eagles. This was the only staff who was willingness to give him a chance after two years away from the game, so they saw something in him that others didn’t.

But when it is judgment time, will the Eagles make the right decision? Only time will tell.

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