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Pagano’s stupid fourth down may have sealed his exit

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Chuck Pagano is betting on his self to get a contract extension from the Indianapolis Colts. However, after tonight’s stupid play, he doesn’t deserve it anymore.

Pagano, who said ‘Why’d you snap it?,’ was as confused as anyone else. On a 4th and 3 with 1:12 left in the third quarter, they called a special play on a punt.

There were two players with Griff Whalen under center and Colt Anderson at quarterback, both of whom were out of position to begin with. Besides the punter, the rest of the players were on the right side.

Anderson took the snap from Whalen and went nowhere, as the two Colts players were outmatched with five New England Patriots players right in front of them. The play resulted in a turnover on downs and the Patriots regained possession as the Patriots led 27-21.

The Colts were flagged, as they did not have enough players on the line. You’re supposed to have at least five players on the line, and they only had one on this play.

After the Patriots received the ball back, they took the ball down the field and scored, as Tom Brady hit LeGarrette Blount for a touchdown. Now, the reigning Super Bowl Champions lead 34-21 in the fourth quarter.



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