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Mallett needs to wake up before it’s too late

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Hey, Ryan Mallett, this goes out to you. There’s no excuses that you can make to recover from your actions this past weekend.

Apparently, you just don’t get it – and you may never get it until it’s too late. You are acting like Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, who has issues, as well.

You do not get that your tenure in the NFL could be over quicker than you think. Just ask Ray Rice, who punched his girlfriend (and now wife) in an Atlantic City hotel, and can’t even get a job.

Sure, his incident was more drastic than yours. But it shows you that you cannot mess up an opportunity of a lifetime.

You only get a certain amount of time to play in this league. Once, it’s done, you have to move on with the rest of your life.

Plus, the fact that you have the worst quarterback in the league right now shows so much, too.

There’s a lot of humans who would dream of a chance to play in the league. However, they were not gifted with the God-given abilities to make it in the less than 1%, who ever get to play a professional sport.

I don’t know why the Texans haven’t already released you yet. Maybe they are afraid of the quarterbacks that are free agents.

Plus, I’m sure that the fact that Tom Savage is on the injured reserve has saved you, as well. If he was still playing and not suffering from an injury, Bill O’Brien should have went with him and cut ties with you all together.

You have had a history of problems, and no “I got caught in traffic” excuse will ever work. There’s only so many strikes that you can get before they’ve had enough.

In August, you were “mysteriously missing” from a Texans practice after the team named Brian Hoyer as the starting quarterback. Plus, if one goes all the way back to your college time, they’ll find out that you had “off-the-field” problems, as well.

That’s why your draft stock fell as much as it did, as it did with Manziel.




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