GFW Showcase: Chris Malatesta Q&A

We were recently at the GFW Lacrosse Showcase. At that event, we were able to interview several players about their future aspirations.

Name: Chris Malatesta
Year/Position: 2019 Midfield
High School: Seton Hall Prep Pirates
Club Team: Patriot Lacrosse

1. What goals did you have on Sunday and what do you feel you accomplished?

CM: “I had four goals and a lot of them were made through transitions with the open shot.”

2. How was the competition and what did you do to adjust to that level?

CM: “The competition wasn’t that stiff. I played my own game and got some offense off of that.”

3. What was it like being coached by a college coach?

CM: “It was different as I’m normally coached by the coaches by me, but it was good getting that experience.”

4. What are you looking for in a college athletically or academically?

CM: “I’m looking to go to a school that has good academics. There’s not really a future for lacrosse after that. When I go for a job after college, I want to have a good school on there. And it’s not all about lacrosse unless your name is Paul Rabil.”

5. What did you learn from this event that you can take with you for the rest of the fall and spring season?

CM: “I learned that when you’re at a showcase, it’s not about you scoring yourself. You don’t want to be selfish at these events.”

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