Week 10 NFL Picks

Welcome to the new The Capital Sports Report, where we will now give predictions for NFL Sundays to help you decide how you bet, how you pick, and maybe even who you pick in your pick ’em pools. Here are our Week 10 NFL Picks:

SUNDAY 1:00 Games on CBS:

Miami Dolphins (3-5) @ Philadelphia Eagles (4-4) Line: Eagles by 5.5

-This is a complex game, the Dolphins, despite having a strong front seven are not that great against the run, and a heavily favored team coming into the season in the Eagles have not been living up to expectations. The line says something here, so the Eagles should be able to move the football, but I don’t like the hefty line here. It should be a close win.

Outright Pick: Eagles. Line Pick: Dolphins beat the spread.

Cleveland Browns (2-7) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (5-4) Line: Steelers by 6

-It’s cotton bowl 2.0, remember when Manziel started against Landry Jones back in 2013? I do, and I love Manziel here again. The Steelers offense is not the same without Big Ben and now without Le’Veon Bell. Jones will have to win this game on his harm and conducting the offense correctly, and I like the Browns here.

Outright Pick: Browns Line Pick: Browns beat the spread.

Chicago Bears (2-6) @ St. Louis Rams (4-4) Line: Rams by 7

-This game is problematic. The reason for that is that the Rams don’t consistently score the football, they grind out games with Gurley and their top-notch defense. Considering the Bears offense can score behind Cutler and the passing game, and Jeremy Langford did a decent job subbing in for the injured Matt Forte, it’s hard to imagine the Rams covering seven points, even if they win.

Outright Pick: Rams. Line Pick: Bears beat the spread.

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-6) @ Baltimore Ravens (2-6), Line: Ravens by 6

-The Ravens have had an unlucky season with injury and losing close games. Don’t let the records fool you, they’re better than Jacksonville.

Outright Pick: Ravens. Line Pick: Ravens cover the spread.

SUNDAY 1:00 Games on FOX

New Orleans Saints (4-5) @ Washington Redskins (3-5) Line: PICK EM

-This is a great game, only need an outright pick to get this correct and considering the monster streak being put together by Drew Brees, this is an important game for both teams. Washington has to stop a good offense to stay in the NFC East hunt, but the Saints just have to keep chugging along to stay alive. I find it hard to imagine that the Redskins can keep up.

Outright Pick: Saints

Dallas Cowboys (2-6) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-5) Line: Dallas by 1.5

-Dallas is a popular pick this week, and I find that a bit problematic. What have Matt Cassel and Co. shown you that would warrant a road win against a team that isn’t terrible? Since Tony Romo‘s injury, Dallas is 0-6 after starting 2-0 with wins against New York and Philly. They’re not going on the road to beat a Tampa team who is growing better as we speak.

Outright Pick: Buccaneers Line Pick: Bucs beat the spread.

Carolina Panthers (8-0) @ Tennessee Titans (2-6) Line: Panthers by 4.5

-This line is insulting to Carolina. Don’t be surprised if Tennessee is held under 12 points today.

Outright Pick: Panthers  Line Pick: Panthers cover the spread.

Detroit Lions (1-7) @ Green Bay Packers (6-2) Line: Packers by 10.5

-Can we cede 11 points to the Packers at home against the 1-7 Lions? I’m tempted to give the Lions a 7 or 8 point loss here, but the Pack are a great home team and Rodgers should get back on track this week.

Outright Pick: Packers  Line Pick: Packers cover the spread.

SUNDAY 4:00 Games, First on FOX, Last Two on CBS:

Minnesota Vikings (6-2) @ Oakland Raiders (4-4) Line: Raiders by 3

-If before the season started I’d had said, “In week 10 one of the best games will be between Oakland and Minnesota,” you’d have called me insane. Yet, that’s the case. The Raiders are very much alive in the AFC Wildcard hunt and the Vikings are actually tied with Green Bay for the division lead and sit in 5th in the NFC. Play the matchup game here, we have to imagine that Derek Carr doing a lot of passing, but Minnesota is a top 10 defense against the pass, and because Oakland is mediocre against the run, I think Minnesota squeaks out a win here. Update: Bridgewater will start.

Outright Pick: Vikings Line Pick: Vikings beat the spread.

New England Patriots (8-0) @ New York Giants (5-4) Line: Patriots by 7

-Don’t let distant history fuel you by picking this game. The Giants pass defense is just dreadful, and well, the Patriots have Tom Brady. Patriots will comfortably win this game.

Outright Pick: Patriots.  Line Pick: Patriots cover the spread.

Kansas City Chiefs (3-5) @ Denver Broncos (7-1) Line: Broncos by 4

-Without Jamaal Charles, and with the Broncos at home searching for a bounce back effort, I see this as a comfortable win for Denver. I know KC has been better lately, but Denver is still a top-notch defense with Peyton Manning under center and solid receiving weapons. Plus, a four point line is pretty slim here.

Outright Pick: Broncos  Line Pick: Broncos cover the spread.


Arizona Cardinals (6-2) @ Seattle Seahawks (4-4) Line: Seahawks by 3

-This should be a great game, but considering how well the Cardinals have played and how inconsistent the Seahawks have been, I’m a little surprised that they have Seattle favored here. Palmer has been able to throw even against good defenses with that solid core, and the Seahawks haven’t been as tough against the run as usual. On the flip side, Seattle won’t be able to score enough.

Outright Pick: Cardinals Line Pick: Cardinals beat the spread.


Houston Texans (3-5) @ Cincinnati Bengals (8-0) Line: Bengals by 11

-Eleven points is a lot to lay for the Bengals, but they’ve just been so good. Hate to say it, but I like Cincy in a blowout.

Outright Pick: Bengals  Line Pick: Bengals cover the spread.

Those are our Week 10 NFL Picks, feel free to comment with yours!

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Matt is a New Jersey attorney currently clerking in the Appellate Division of the New Jersey Superior Court. He also is a graduate of Rutgers Law School and The College of New Jersey, where he formerly served as a radio talk show host and engineer for the Trenton Thunder. When not pursuing law, he tends to his two greatest intellectual loves, film and the NBA. You can catch his reviews and year-end lists here on Blended Opinion.

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