Jerry Jones: Tony Romo out for the season

The Dallas Cowboys have officially announced that quarterback Tony Romo is out of the remainder of the season. Romo suffered a clavicle fracture last night in the Cowboys loss to the Carolina Panthers on Thanksgiving Day on CBS Sports.

The Cowboys did not want to hear this news, but owner Jerry Jones confirmed the news in an interview on 105.3 The Fan this morning.

Maybe the only good news about Romo being injured again is that he doesn’t need surgery.

Romo looked horrible yesterday, including two pick-six’s before getting hurt. Now, with Romo injured, the team will have to look for some help elsewhere.

The team only has Matt Cassel, who came in to replace Romo last night. He’s also the only active quarterback on the roster.

When Romo came back from his injury that he suffered in Week 2 against the Philadelphia Eagles last weekend, the team released quarterback Brandon Weeden to make room for him on the 53-man roster. Unfortunately for the Cowboys after releasing him, the Houston Texans picked him up on waivers.

When Romo was injured with his broken collarbone, he missed 10 weeks. During that time, the Cowboys lost every game with Weeden and Cassel as their quarterbacks.

If they want to, the Cowboys could sign troubled quarterback Ryan Mallett. He’s been available since the Texans released him.

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