Cardinals’ Chris Johnson out with a fractured tibia

Arizona Cardinals running back Chris Johnson has a fractured tibia. He’s expected to miss an “extended period of time,” according to Fox Sports NFL Insider Jay Glazer.

While Glazer said it’s going to be a long-time, the Cardinals are still reportedly gathering information on how long he’ll be out.

With Johnson out, they’ll have to turn to David Johnson as the feature back for the foreseeable future unless Andre Ellington can shake his nagging turf toe.

This comes after he was seen walking with a significant limp this morning. General Manager Steve Keim said that he was a bone bruise, but the MRI revealed the tibia injury.

In his entire eight-year career, he’s never missed a game to injury until now. This season, he played in all 11 games with the Cardinals.

As the Cardinals feature back, he had 196 carries for 814 yards and three touchdowns. He also has four 100-yard games.

He also has six receptions for 58 yards.

Johnson, who was shot in the off-season in Orlando, Florida, it made teams re-consider signing him to a contract. It wasn’t until August when Johnson signed with the Cardinals to a one-year deal.

With his success in the Desert, he’ll probably be around for the long-term as long as Bruce Arians is the team’s head coach.

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