Chris Jones downplaying Rough Riders job

On Sunday, the Edmonton Eskimos defeated the Ottawa RedBlacks, 26-20, to win the historic Grey Cup. Next season, they may be without their head coach.

Chris Jones, who helped the Eskimos get to the Championship, did not mention he would be leaving. Yet, he didn’t dispel the rumors either.

He took over the team that went 4–4 in 2013. This season, the Eskimos at 16-4 had the best record and secured the 103rd Grey Cup.

Rumors are that he would leave for the head coach and general manager role with the Saskatchewan Rough Riders. They finished 3-15 this season.

“Right now all I want to concentrate on is enjoying this win and getting out there with those players that I have,” said Jones immediately after the game Sunday night, “and enjoying a little party at the hotel tonight, getting on that plane early in the morning, going and having a parade on Tuesday and enjoying it.

“All that stuff will handle itself.”

Jones was beat out for the AGF Coach of the Year Award by RedBlacks head coach Rick Campbell.

Jones showed who the better coach was on the field on Sunday night. His team won 10 straight games to end the season, all coming after quarterback Mike Reilly returned from a knee injury.

The Eskimos defeated Ottawa in all games. And they win 6-1 against the Canadian Football League’s two best teams as they also defeated Calgary Stampeders.

Grey Cup MVP Reilly said he’s not worried about what his head coach will do next.

“I’m not going to worry about that, we just won the Grey Cup,” said Reilly. “We’re going to celebrate with him.

“This is professional sports, people come and go for sure,” the veteran pivot added. “I’ll let him answer the questions in regards to his future but in my mind he’s our head coach and there’s no one in this league I’d rather play for.

“I’ll fight to the death for that man and everyone in that room will too. So whatever happens in the off-season is gonna happen but right now I’m gonna go drink a beer with him.”

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